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Irish Dance as part of PE Curriculum

Fionan Cogan, has been teaching ceili classes since 1994 and has specifically designed a Primary School Ceili Experience, which fits in with the PE curriculum and to suit all budgets.

Class Options

  • 25 – 30 minute group sessions.
  • One day workshops
  • A number of consecutive weeks
  • A school term or school year.
  • Seachtain na Gaeilge

How will the School Ceili Experience work?

  1. The emphasis will be on having fun whilst developing and exploring co-ordination through selected steps and movement patterns – the 3′s, the 7′s and the swing – using the elbow, ceili and waltz hold.
  2. Knowledge and cultural experience will be provided through the teaching of social Irish Céilí dances, such as the Walls of Limerick, Siege of Ennis, Two Hand Reel, etc.
  3. Different tempo and style of dances will be taught such as Reels, Jigs, Polkas, Slides, Hornpipes, Fling, Waltz, March and the Two-step.
  4. Tuition can be given to all age groups ranging from junior infants to sixth class.
  5. A school Céilí with live or recorded music can be organised where everyone can do the same dances together.

Integration of Other Curricular Areas using the Ceili Experience

  • Irish – explanation and direction of dances can be done utilising the Irish language.
  • Maths – students will learn numbers, sequences and geometric shapes via counting the steps, seeing the patterns and spatial awareness.
  • Music – the skill of listening and responding will be taught through dance movements to music.
  • Visual Arts – names, movements and history of the dances can stimulate a variety of visual images, which could be illustrated through drawing, painting and colouring.
  • History – many dances which will be taught have originated from battle scenes and festivities from different seasons. These will be explained as the dances are taught.
  • SESE/Geography – dances originated from different parts of the country and a map of Ireland could be utilised to illustrate where these are. Furthermore, an illustration could be used on where Irish dancing, i.e. Riverdance has performed around the world.
  • SPHE – social skills, co-operation and team work will be taught as dancing requires the use of all three.

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