In the membership section, Fionan Cogan uses his vast Ceili Experience to show you all the easy ways to fast track you to getting up and dancing, using his accelerated learning programme. Each dance is shown in a live Ceili Experience setting, so you can get a feel for how it’s danced at full speed. Then he breaks each piece down into smaller easy to learn building blocks to form the dance. To top it off he has some of his students’ dance it for you to allow you practise along with them. Each dance has two written forms – the longer detailed version and the shorter reminder, for when you get more proficient. There are two main audio tracks – one with instructions and one with just the music. Fionan loves to share his passions for Ceili Dancing and Set dancing no matter where you live.

So maybe you don’t live in Cork to meet with Fionan Cogan or in San Diego to meet with Mairtin de Cogain or in Milwaukee to meet with Eamonn de Cogain. That’s no problem. Inside this membership site we can come to you, in your time zone. You can pick the night, day or weekend to be Ceili Night in your house. Why not invite a few friends over to have a bit of good wholesome fun learning to Irish Ceili Dance.

Are you too shy to go to a ceili class or a live Ceili Experience event near you? Afraid you might not know the steps or what moves to do next? No problem, we have the answers for you. You can learn to dance at home with your partner or with us if you haven’t got a dance partner yet. Inside the membership area we can show you how to impress your friends with the proper moves. We’ll show you the easy shortcuts and the best ways to make your dance partner feel relaxed, safe and secure in your arms when they dance with you. Get the Ceili Experience straight from the Dancing Master, Fionan Cogan.

Maybe you don’t have a class or a live event near you at the moment, but would love to know what this Ceili Experience is that they are all talking about. Well here’s your chance for us to virtually bring you there through the online power of the Internet. In the members area you can get a feel for the live Ceili Experience event. See how the experienced dancers really do it. Then you can go through the whole thing, step by step yourself at your own pace, going back over the steps again until you can do them almost without thinking. All this can be done without the fear of bashing into other people, stepping on toes or embarrassing yourself. You can practise at your leisure with us as many times as you like. That would be a really great way to impress your current friends or future Ceili friends with all the correct moves at the next live Ceili Experience event.

Each dance page to have the following

1 the live version

2 Dance with me

3 dance with the crowd

4 text of the dance – short and long

5 music – with me calling and without

Order of dances to be delivered – beginners only at first

1. Free introduction offer of the Peeler and the goat

2. Two hand reel

3. Two hand jig

4. Barn Dance

5. St. Bernard Waltz

6. Military two step

7. Stack of Barley

8. Valetta Waltz

9. Gay Gordons

10. Scoittiche

11. Hengone/ Shoe the Donkey

12. Walls of Limerick

13. Seige of Carrick

14. Harvest Time Jig

15. Rakes of Mallow

16. Highland Fling

17. Seige of Ennis

18. Haymakers Jig

19. Waves of Tory

20. Rince Mor