As part of an English Language School’s events, The Ceili Experience can be a great added bonus to the students visit to Cork and Ireland. The class can cater for both male and female students of all ages, culture, nationality and fitness levels. Usually runs for 45 to 90 minutes, depending on your schedule and the group size (minimum 10).
Many Cork based English Language schools have Fionan Cogan’s Ceili Experience as part of their programme of events during their trip to Ireland. The feedback from his class is that it “was the highlight of their time in Ireland!”

What is Irish Céilí dancing?

  • Céilí dancing is a very social and fun form of native Irish dancing, mainly danced to reel and jig tempo traditional Irish music.

What happens in the dance class?

  • We get you on the dance floor and teach you the basic Céilí steps and moves, which are easy to pick up. The dances we walk you through use mostly the same moves in a different order and sequence. Then we dance to pre-recorded timed Traditional Irish Céilí music.
  • Our interactive workshop gives you an authentic Irish cultural experience, with the emphasis on having fun. It is suitable for males and females, no matter the age or ability.
  • The dance tutor will be on the floor with you, to help you enjoy “the Craic” (Irish for Fun!).

Who will be the dance tutor?

  • Fionán Cogan, a qualified Céilí dance teacher (T.M.R.C.) from Carrigaline, Co. Cork, has been dancing since he was 5, performing across the world since 1988 and teaching formally since 1994. He has shared the stage with Michael Flatley, Frances Black and the late Dr Mícheál Ó Súilleabháin.
  • If you want to learn how to Irish Céilí dance, then there is no better person to go to. Lessons can be taught through English, Irish or French. Fionán teaches beginners with no experience, right up to performance dancers.

Will they need dance partners?

  • People are partnered up in the class and moved on to a new partner for each dance.

What will they wear?

  • It is important that you are comfortable and not overheating, as you will be moving constantly.
  • Wear comfortable footwear (a non-slip sole will help your foot to slide along the floor when doing the steps).

Where can we have the class?

  • Your English language school may have a space where your group can use for this event. If not, then we can look into other options for you. This will incur additional cost for the room hire.

What have others said about it?

The dancing was brilliant, the highlight of my trip to Ireland.” – Eleanora, Austria
I really enjoyed learning the dances with my friends. It was great fun.” – Alex, Canada

Would you like to add live music?

  • This is an optional extra that can really add to The Ceili Experience where your tour group can interact with the Traditional Irish musicians. A live Ceili Band can come to your venue to play for the dancing as well as entertainment before and afterwards.
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Fionan Cogan T.M.R.C.

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Other Curricular Areas that can be linked during the Ceili Experience

  • English – students will learn to listen to a more fluid colloquial level of English. They will have to respond to the requests and instructions of the Tutor, all in English and occasionally in French, to allow them to complete the dances.
  • Maths – students will learn in English – numbers, sequences and geometric shapes via counting the steps, seeing the patterns and spatial awareness.
  • Music – the skill of listening and responding to music will be done through the  dance movements.
  • Visual Arts – names, movements and history of the dances can stimulate a variety of visual images, which could later be illustrated through drawing, painting and colouring.
  • History –The history of the dances will be explained as they are taught.
  • Geography – dances originated from different parts of the country and later a map of Ireland could be utilised to illustrate where these are. Furthermore, an illustration could be used on where Irish dancing, i.e. Riverdance has performed around the world.
  • Social skills, co-operation and team work will be taught as dancing requires the use of all three.
ceili students at a dance party in Cork City