Great Cardio Workout with The Ceili Experience

After coming to the Ceili Experience regularly people have received some of the below benefits

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    • Increased strength & flexibility
    • When you Irish dance you repeat movements over and over again, working the same muscle groups, repetitively strengthening these muscles.
    • With Irish dancing you get a great cardio workout. Your heart rate and blood flow increases, which burns off fat and improves your cardiovascular health.
    • Dancing enables better co-ordination. Irish dancing teaches different muscle groups to work together, specifically ones we don’t always use in everyday activities, which leads to better co-ordination.
    • Irish dancing is a lot of fun and lifts your mood releasing serotonin, which also helps with weight-loss.
    • Dancing relieves tension and stress, improves your mood and serves as an outlet for your creativity.
    • The Ceili Experience is a great social night out and you get to meet other like minded people there to enjoy themselves



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