Cork City Centre Class – Autumn Season starts 12th September 2017
Every Tuesday night from 8.00pm to10.00pm.
The Village Hall is located upstairs in 4 St. Patrick’s Quay. Just over St. Patrick’s Bridge and turn right (if walking). There is a lovely spring to the wooden floor and always a great welcome. Whether you are a total beginner, just new to the class or come regularly, the dance tutor Fionan Cogan will be delighted you give you a warm welcome and introduce you to other dancers during the night.
You will get to meet people from all walks of life at The Ceili Experience night classes. While dancing with different people during the night, they will help you find easier ways of getting around the dance floor. Fionan Cogan will also let people know where the public Ceili dances with live bands are on each week, where you can go to practise the moves you have learned in class.

Book a Drop-in class – €10
Book 4 classes (get 1 free) – €30
Book 8 classes (get 2.5 free) – €55
Book 12 classes (get 4.5 free) – €75

Cork City Classes

North Cork Class – Rathcormac – Autumn Season starts 13th September 2017
Every Wednesday night from 8.30pm to10.30pm.
In the North Cork town of Rathcormac, near Fermoy, the class is held on the Watergrasshill side of the town in the Rathcormac Inn. The private ballroom, with a sprung wood floor and seating on 3 sides, is accessible through the main bar area, where you can pick up a drink on the way in if you wish.
The more seasoned regular dancers are very welcoming to beginners and willing to give a helping hand through the movements of the Ceili and Set dances. They are all there to enjoy themselves dancing, learning is always a bonus.

Fionan Cogan who calls the dances, will also remind you where the live music public Ceili dances are on each week. You may wish to organise to car pool or go alone, to practise the moves you have learned in class.

Book a Drop-in class – €10
Book Half Term to Halloween (7 weeks) – €40
Book Full Term (14) – €75

Noth Cork Classes